At LensTokyo we share with you the photographic experience of Tokyo. Our articles are not only geared towards the photographers visiting Tokyo but to the tourists who are looking to take home some memorable pieces of the city. We share photogenic spots of Tokyo in detail that you will not find anywhere else on the internet. With limited time in Tokyo our photogenic spots guide can save you some time in search of that spot you saw on Instagram. After all, your pictures should be as epic as your trip.

We believe that the best way to travel is through photography. Photography enables you to see places in detail. It allows you to slow down and immerse yourself into your surrounding. It motivates and inspires the inner adventurous spirit to walk in pursuit of the frame you’ve drawn in your head. Craft-fully merging that frame with the surrounding creates an image that is unique and specific to the location you’ve visited. A creative treasure through travel. The pursuit, the waiting, the anticipation and even the failing of capturing that frame teaches you a lot about the location you are in. These organic and authentic moments stay with you ages after the trip as memories you can revisit.

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