the pixelated cubes
Eye level and up close with shinkansen
the blue haze
enclosure two
the arch waterfront
The lit stairs
the renaissance stairs
Where Shikansens sleep at night
the shibuya magnet
The number two
the origami windmill wall
The Most Instagrammable Observation Deck in Tokyo
The white christmas
The light trails island
the oval
The red dragon
The tower reflection
over the brigde night
The heart of tokyo
the galaxy
The number one
The one in yebisu
The yakitori tunnel
the Purple cube
The Photogenic Spot for Ginkgo Trees
The ‘N’ look up
From up-close and tight
The Picture of Lines and Curves in Tokyo
The backside of Tokyo
The apartment moderna
Robot restaurant neon sign
The spears
The Takahashi waterfront
The spider web
the Rhythmic slabs
the sad guy
The Salaryman going home
The spot With the bridge
The grandeur
The one in shiodome
the peek tower
the italy town
Portrait Photography in Tokyo’s Hidden Crystal Room
The golden gem
The upmarket crossing
tokyo’s center spiral
Narrow stairs
A Tunnel used in many Japanese dramas
Enclosure one
roppongi split road
The Giant Ghibli Clock in Tokyo
the Skytree look up
the black void
The shinjuku look up
the wavy yellow
the one in Korakuen
The wooden tetris
Neon lit with trains
The snail
the ueno Silhouette
the one in sangenjaya
The Pink N
The yellow fellow
the White leading lines
The neon rabbit
The Broken reflections
The sunflower spot
The gentleman’s silhouette
The hydra
the four wise faces
The green tea trail
the concourse
Chinese Noodle Restaurant
the classic tokyo tower spot
The shinny neon lit
The eye
the eight
The triangle
The ship
The immortal bridge
At high speed
The concrete one
The hotel gem
The teleportation
The Pink Instagram Worthy Building in Tokyo
The shinjuku alley
the ura harbor
The skeleton
the island
The green gem
The comparison spot
The angel fish
The neon fury
Over the river
the glass enclave
From up and afar
the old and the new
the shiodome lookup
Small office home office
Godzilla Road
From the restaurant
The retro one
the diagonal cubes
The white museum
The metropolitan
The Secret Shrine in Ginza Tokyo
The Ancient Art
The artistic one
Neon cafe
the colorful shell
Through the buildings
grey cubes
The straight line
Hidden Shinjuku Photo Spot: The Dark Moody Subway Exit
The astro wall
From up above
shinagawa rainbow
the ginza red and white
The one in shinjuku
The time warp
The Crazy Glasses Shop in Tokyo
the black gear
The deadly low tunnel
On the pedestrian bridge
View from a restaurant