5 Photogenic Walls in Asakusa Area

5 Photogenic Walls in Asakusa Area guide book for photography in tokyo

Asakusa is a district of Tokyo which has managed to preserve a lot of the historic elements that were present in the past decades and even centuries. Here you will not see sleek skyscrapers or big intertwining bridges. The building height is generally low and even the streets have a nostalgic vibe resembling the Edo period. Hence the walls you find here in this district and in this article all have a retro feel to them.

The Asakusa area similar to the Shinagawa area was located close to the sea and hence the harbor. It’s geographic location made it a thriving part of Tokyo hundreds of years ago. Asakusa was developed intensively during the Edo period and has retained many of the city’s feel intact since then. Here are some photogenic walls in the Asakusa area.

the origami windmill wall

No, these are not the swastika you probably are thinking about. Swastikas represent Buddhist temples in Japan. Regardless, the red wall covered with red pinwheels are an amazing spot for some instagrammable pictures for your trip!

Located slightly away from the Asakusa station is a very old shopping street. The ambience here is probably one of the closest you can get to the Tokyo before modernization. At the end of the shopping street is this wall covered with paper windmills or fans. They are made by the traditional origami method and are bright red, making it great for a selfie.

The swastika-like symbols on the top of the picture are not the anti-semitic symbols that a lot think it is. They are called manji in Japan, and are slightly different in appearance and very different in meaning. In Japan the symbol is tied to Buddhism and means strength, compassion and/or lucky charm.

the four wise faces

Would you believe that these are actually entrances of a public toilet? The first two faces are of women’s faces and the last two of men’s. Some great spot for selfies in front of public toilets.

Located just outside a police station in Asakusa these four faces are actually an entrance to the public washrooms. They add a fun element to the grey streets. The faces are somewhat abstract and geometrical. Which will make your picture even better. Its a fun little spot located right next to a police station. Stick your head out of the four faces and start shooting but be careful not to step into the washrooms of the other gender!

The angel fish

The yellow and the blue stand out on the street where this building is located. Shot this image on a rainy day so coincidently had umbrellas. The umbrella was the best prop, apt for this location.

This spot is very close to the Asakusa station and is a massage parlor. The pastel yellow combined with the blue window shades give it a nice feel to the picture. Although the whole building is painted yellow, only one side of the building is worth taking a picture in front. The background and the colors at this location are definitely instagram worthy. As a photographer, you could go on a sunny day to play and shoot the shadows cast on the yellow walls.

The astro wall

We found Astro wall when we least expected to find anything. On a rainy day and in the middle of an alley within a shopping street. This wall takes me back to Japan during the 70s.

This wall is located in the same shopping street mentioned earlier in this article. The shopping street compromises of one main street with small paths branching out. This wall is in one of those small paths where you might pass by without noticing it at all. The wall features the famous Japanese character Astro Boy. If you’re a fan of old Japanese anime you should stop by here for a picture. The slanted old Japanese roof at top of the wall adds another flare to the location.

the wavy yellow

Another spot we used the umbrella as a prop just because it was raining. We really like the way the sculpture is bent in a wave form. It is located in front of the entrance to a huge building. Would'n’t find it if you weren’t looking for it.

This spot is located on the way from Asakusa towards Tokyo Skytree. It is part of a sculpture installed in front of a building. The sculpture is made of metal giving the yellow a shiny touch. If you think that the yellow background is somewhat bland or uninteresting, you can have your model take out an umbrella as a prop. Another way you can use this spot in your photography is by playing with the shadows cast on the yellow background. For that you might need to come here on a sunny mid-day.

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5 Photogenic Walls in Asakusa Area instagram picture guide book for photography in tokyo location
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